The Setting

Venture to the Swiss Alps and discover Crans-Montana, a ski resort that combines charming Swiss hospitality with some of the best views in Europe.

Fresh mountain air, gleaming white pistes and charming hospitality await in the ski resort of Crans-Montana, located in the canton of Valais in the Swiss Alps.

Simply put, Crans-Montana offers breathtaking views from every angle from the Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc in France. It is also one of only two resorts in Switzerland with the "Family Destinations" label and skiers of every level will find plenty to keep them amused. The resort is popular with Italian and Swiss skiers, along with the Brits.

The resort is divided into four adapted areas: the family area, the fun area, the glacier area and the nature area. The glacier is the highest point for pisted skiing, at around 2927m. Crans-Montana also has the second biggest snowpark in Switzerland and whilst it can look terrifying to the spectator, there were plenty of winter sports enthusiasts pulling off some impressive tricks.​

The Skiing

When a ski area is one of the world’s sunniest and has a skiable glacier to boot, the season sees some incredible mountain conditions. Crans-Montana’s top point is at a mighty 3000m, where the Plaine-Morte glacier covers a whacking great 10 square kilometres. A fabulous red run snakes down to Les Violettes at 2250m – but before you ski it, the ‘Imperial Crown’ of surrounding 4000m summits are well worth a gawp at.

Though famed for its sunny disposition, the top half of the area is high enough to hold onto the white stuff all winter, with the rest of the slopes getting a discrete top up via 200+ snow cannons.​​

Resort height:

1500 m

Top station:

3000 m

Glacier skiing:

Yes, Plaine Morte

Doorstep skiing:


The Accommodation

The Helvetia Intergolf, a chalet-style four-star hotel is noted for its cordial hospitality and atmosphere of casual sophistication.  Its comfortable rooms and suites are ideal for groups of friends and families.

As the only apartment hotel in Crans-Montana, the Helvetia Intergolf is unique in enabling guests to combine the comforts, intimacy and spaciousness of stylishly furnished rooms and suites with the services of a four-star hotel.

Situated on the Montana side of Crans-Montana the Intergolf is close to the centre of town and the entrance to the escalator taking you to the ski slopes.​

The following rooms and suites are available:

Family Room - twin bedded or 1 double bed, bath or shower/WC and south-facing and a south facing balcony with a view of the Alps

Executive Suite - 1 twin-bedded room, 1 bath/WC, 1 shower/WC, 1 living-room with cupboard bed (160x205cm), kitchenette, 2 TV and south facing balcony with beautiful view of the Alps 

King Suite - 2 twin-bedded rooms, 1 bath/WC, 1 shower/WC, 1 living-room with cupboard bed (160x205cm), kitchenette, 3 TV and south facing balcony with beautiful view of the Alps  

David Lloyd Members Benefits 2022 Ski Trip to Crans-Montana - Hotel Heveltia-Intergolf

Great high level skiing, elegant hotel close to the slopes with rooms and suites perfect for groups of friends and families and, assuming you have the energy, three indoor tennis courts close-by to hone your skills it has to be:



The Wellness Centre

The sauna, steam bath and whirlpool are free of charge and open every day, the wellness area is only accessible to guests.​

Distance from slopes:

5 mins

Transfer by:

Private bus



Average snowfall



/297/287 cm

Total slopes:

140 km

Blue slopes:

39% / 55 km

Red slopes:

50% / 70 km

Black slopes:

11% / 15 km

Snow cannons:


How much will it cost?


Departing evening of 25th March - returning 2nd April 2022

Ski and Tennis anyone ..... ?​

The Tennis Centre

The Lac Moubra Tennis Center is the largest center in the Swiss Alps. In an idyllic and calm setting, it offers the possibility of playing on a synthetic surface for the 3 indoor courts and on clay for the 6 outdoor courts. During the winter only the indoor courts are available  and are for the exclusive use of Ski Company clients, free of charge, from 17.00 to 22.00 each evening. Other activities such as badminton, table tennis, billiards, pétanque and table football are also available.​

Other activities such as badminton, table tennis, billiards, pétanque and table football are also available.​

Let's go for a ski - Mont Bonvin down to Crans.​

The Coach

William Shakespeare once wrote "to be, or not to be, that is the question".

What with climate change and all the associated concerns, had Will been alive today he would have probably tweeted "To fly or to take the coach, that is the question", and that is a very good question.

First - the carbon emissions issue... very simple really, travel by coach and you will produce about 60kg of carbon, fly and you will produce 270kg carbon. 

Second - coaches are of course slower than planes but not by as much as you would think. Door to door by air takes 11 hours on a good day, travel to airport + parking + check-in + flight + collecting bags + transfer at the other end. Door to door by coach takes about 16 hours, so yes, longer, but easier - you get on at one end and off at the other. 

Thirdly - comfort; we all know about economy class on a flight, well the coaches we use have aircraft style seating with in seat entertainment but they also have WiFi, huge seat recline and leg room. These coaches, and there are only six of these in the country, would normally seat 87 passengers but have been de-seated to 62, hence the space. 

Fourthly - cost; by coach £150 per person, by air £350 to £450 pp, excluding the additional cost of travel to the airport, parking and your transfer at the other end so you can easily add another £100 to the flight costs. 

All prices quoted include the transfer by coach but not a problem if you wish to self-drive or fly, just call us to discuss flights first to avoid expensive errors!

The coach will be departing late evening, around 21.00 on the Friday and is due in resort early afternoon on the Saturday. On the return the coach will be departing around 21.00 on the Friday after a full day's skiing and evening meal, and will be due home early afternoon on the Saturday.

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