The Setting

If you had to design a ski resort for a short, relaxing break, you would come up with Crans-Montana, it is highly civilised, rarely crowded and extremely friendly.​

Crans-Montana is one of Switzerland’s largest ski resorts, with a south-facing location at 1,500m which gives it one of the best sunshine records in the country. Sun-drenched and spectacularly located, Crans-Montana is among the crème de la crème of Alpine ski resorts. Essentially a twin town – Crans and Montana coming together to become one of Valais’ best-loved ski holiday destinations.​

The Skiing

When a ski area’s one of the world’s sunniest and has a skiable glacier to boot, the season sees some incredible mountain conditions.
Crans-Montana’s top point is a mighty 3000m, where the Plaine-Morte glacier covers a whacking great 10 square kilometres. A fabulous red run snakes down to Les Violettes at 2250m – but before you ski it, the ‘Imperial Crown’ of surrounding 4000m summits are well worth a gawp at.

Though famed for its sunny disposition, the top half of the area is high enough to hold onto the white stuff all winter, with the rest of the slopes getting a discrete top up via 200+ snow cannons.​

Resort height:

1500 m

Top station:

3000 m

Glacier skiing:

Yes, Plaine Morte

Doorstep skiing:


Distance from slopes:

5 mins

Transfer by:

Private bus



Total slopes:

140 km

Blue slopes:

39% / 55 km

Red slopes:

50% / 70 km

Black slopes:

11% / 15 km

Snow cannons:


Average snowfall



/297/287 cm

The Accommodation

La Moubra offers great value accommodation for groups. Rooms are sunny, most with wide balconies and sleep a maximum of  4 persons in bunk beds, all have a wash-hand basin with large vanity unity, each floor has numerous showers and bathroom facilities.

The main building includes a panoramic dining hall, a clubroom, a camp lounge, a sauna and a five minute walk away an indoor tennis centre with 4 tennis courts, 4 badminton courts and table tennis all available.

W-Fi is available free of charge throughout the building.​

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Winter Camp 2022


11th - 18th February 2022

School not going skiing ?


Why not join other like minded teens and meet new friends  in an action packed ski week in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland ?

Ski groups are decided largely on the ability and experience of the campers; this ensures that each group receives the appropriate level and type of tuition / coaching, maximising safety and making the most of each camper’s time on the slopes. If campers feel they are not in the right ability group, ski instructors from the Swiss Ski School and Ski Company staff are on hand to help resolve any issues.


Campers are encouraged to develop their skills, to gain experience and to support one another. The aim is to turn the students into better skiers, while ensuring that they get the utmost enjoyment from their time in this stunning arena. Although the coaching groups are managed by Swiss Ski School instructors and guides, our staff work closely with them to encourage the campers and to ensure that they are in groups that provide them with appropriate challenges.


During the week, a camper may be able to discuss his or her personal goals or aspirations with the instructor so that particular skills can be worked on.

A typical day at the Winter Camp

As much as we would like campers to wake up bright and alert and on time each morning we appreciate that the chances of that happening each morning are close to zero so you will be delighted to know that each morning a small army of Ski Company staff will be knocking on doors bright and early. For breakfast a broad selection of foods, reflecting various dietary requirements, is available and campers are encouraged to fuel up for the energetic day ahead.​


Leaders help their group to prepare for skiing, gathering together items such as gloves, goggles, sun cream etc, and making sure that each camper has taken a picnic lunch. The campers will then assemble in their ski groups for the short trip with their leaders to the slopes ro meet their ski instructors. 

Ski groups are determined more by ability than age – though there will, undoubtedly, be opportunities to meet up with friends during the day, as arrangements are often made to rendezvous for lunch or a quick drink.


Coaching is structured for each group’s needs and the instructor decides how the day will be spent, according to the conditions of the snow, the weather and the campers’ abilities. The aim is to challenge each group, helping the campers to develop their skills, to learn respect for the mountains and, of course, to have fun.


For those who have skied before there will be more “learning on the move” than some may be accustomed to, with the instructor acting much as a coach and guide, particularly with the higher ability groups. This gives campers more responsibility for their own progress but at The Ski Company, we firmly believe that you can’t improve your skiing by standing still!


The campers are accompanied back to the hotel once skiing is over by their leaders at the end of each day. Campers then have time to enjoy afternoon tea and cakes and relax before their evening meal, leaders  are on hand to answer any questions or resolve any equipment issues.

Health and Safety

The health, safety and general welfare of each camper are of paramount importance. The Ski Company and its staff take every precaution wherever campers eat, play or sleep. But the week’s activities are also designed to encourage campers to take responsibility for their own safety and that of their peers. The camp aims to teach students a healthy respect for their alpine environment and to take on challenges.


No activities take place in which undue risk is involved. Unaccompanied skiing is not allowed at any time.


If minor injuries occur, a nurse is available at all times to treat campers. If more serious injuries take place, a member of  Ski Company accompanies the camper to the local doctors in Crans-Montana or to the regional hospital in Sion.


Winter sports insurance is included in the cost of the holiday to ensure that all campers have the correct level of cover, in addition to any policy that their parents have purchased.  A copy of our insurance is available on our web site.


The tuition on the slopes is provided by fully qualifies instructors from the Ski & Snowboard School of Crans-Montana, Evening activities will also be supervised by leaders and Ski Company staff with the appropriate training or experience.

Ski Company staff will meet campers at Stansted Airport and accompany the group on the flight to Geneva and the subsequent transfer by coach through to resort. On the return journey Ski Company staff will accompany the group from the hotel back to Geneva Airport and then on the flight back to Stansted and hand their charges back to parents.

The Winter Camp accepts only boys and girls of good character. A letter of recommendation from a teacher at their school will be required. It is understood that all students will conduct themselves in a correct manner and abide by the regulations.


The Ski Company reserve the right to send home any camper whose behaviour is, in their opinion, incompatible with the general well-being of the camp; no refund will be made. Any additional costs incurred will be at the parents’ expense. Campers are not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol or use other recreational drugs. No verbal or physical bullying will be tolerated.

Acceptance and conduct

After supper, evening activities are organised by the leaders and all the campers are encouraged to take part. These activities energise campers to have a go at different things and, perhaps, to find new strengths or hidden talents. A visit to the climbing wall, snow-tubing, indoor tennis, torchlight walks around Lac Moubra, a celebration of chocolate, medal ceremony and disco are all part of the program.


Although children often find it difficult to wake up in the morning they do seem to have the opposite issue at night, however after a fun-packed and energetic day on and off the slopes campers tend to have no trouble getting to sleep once they have been corralled into their rooms. Bed times are always sensible and age dependent though, as with all youngsters, there is sometimes a little room for negotiation !


Leaders and Ski Company staff all live in the same building and are in effect available 24/7 in case anyone has any questions or concerns that need addressing. Our night watch staff are also on call throughout the night if any assistance is needed.


The Camp

The 2022 Winter Camp organised by The Ski Company is a supervised residential winter sports programme for unaccompanied individuals aged 8 to 17 years. The camp is a multicultural, coeducational and non-denominational event that brings together up to 50 teenagers from the UK.


The focus of the Winter Camp is on safety, enjoyment, learning, achievement and above all, after such a difficult year, simply being young and having fun again.


It is also about teamwork. We provide alpine winter sports coaching from the Swiss Ski School and a range of other activities, supervised by friendly and experienced staff, so that campers can make the most of the wonderful opportunities on offer.​

Travel to and from Crans-Montana

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