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Hotel Vallechiara

The Accommodation

The Hotel Vallechiara in Bormio is directly on the slopes in the splendid area of the Alta Valtellina.


The hotel is family run, with a relaxing atmosphere and striking views – a wonderful combination.


"Magnificent. The location of the hotel is impressive, above the city of Bormio.

Every place you look, the view is gorgeous. "

Carmella, trip advisor

The Setting

Bormio is one of the most prestigious Italian resorts having hosted the Alpine World Ski Championships in 1985 and 2005 in addition to 46 world cup races it its history.

Situated in Lombardy, Northern Italy at the southern end of the Stelvio National Park and Stelvio pass, Bormio is an attractive mountain town and well known for spa treatments, established since Roman times.​

The Skiing

The Bormio ski pass gives you 110km of slopes in the 3 ski areas of Bormio (15 lifts and 50 km of slopes), Santa Caterina (9 lifts and 35 km of slopes) and Cima Piazzi-San Colombano (12 lifts and 25 km of slopes).


With slopes up to an altitude of over 3000 metres Bormio has runs both above and below the treeline including the impressive 8km long run Cima Bianca-Bormio, which has a drop in elevation of 1787 m, that is over 1 mile of vertical descent in a single run.

Sounds good to you?

If you are interested in looking further at this destination please send an email to or please give me a call on 0208 858 9535, personally I think it is good to talk !​

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